Suturing is a Critical Survival Skill

Suturing Prevents Scarring

The True Skin Suture Kit is the best way to learn suturing skills.


The True Skin Suture Kit is All-Inclusive, containing all of the instruments, sutures, and practice skin pads needed to master suturing techniques. 

Realistic Skin

The TrueSkin practice pad is composed of mesh-reinforced silicone gels that accurately simulate the density and feel of skin

Variety of Wounds

15 different wounds with both simple and complex shapes allow for a wide range of practice

25 Packs of Sutures

Each kits includes 25 packs of the most common suture types: 4-0 Polypropylene, 4-0 Nylon, 3-0 Nylon, 4-0 Silk, 3-0 Silk

Full Instrument Kit including:

Blade holder with three #10 blades, Tissue Forceps, Curved Hemostat, Needle Driver, Scissors, Storage Case

Patented Surgery Game

Each silicone pad has 5 hidden objects buried within the pad. Practice removing foreign objects in this fun new activity

Similar Kits Sell for over $200


Dr. Joseph Kowalski, MD

Emergency Medicine

"Great suturing is a product of repetition and muscle memory. The TrueSkin Suture Kit does an excellent job replicating the types of lacerations I see on a daily basis. This kit is great for medical students and doctors alike who are trying to hone their skills and minimize scarring in their patients."

Dr. Alex Stone, DMD

Dental Surgery

"Patients can tell if you know what you're doing. The TrueSkin Suture Kit is a great way to practice your skills before seeing real patients. The density of the pad replicates real skin accurately and you can re-use the pad indefinitely. I like how the suture kit comes with many sutures, and different types of sutures. This is the best suture kit I've seen available"


This suture kit is for adult use only. It contains real scalpels and sutures that can cause serious harm when used improperly.

The instruments and sutures contained within this kit are for educational purposes only. These instruments and sutures are not FDA approved for human or animal use. 

100% Money Back Guarantee, Veteran Owned Company

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